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"I truly believe that the best thing which could be done on this earth is to help somebody get education, as that is the best self support weapon a person can have in today's modern world. DIPS to me is a dream-come-true! It will always take active part in social development by providing world-class leaders, who will change the world by their skills and innovative thoughts! All the best!"

Subhajit Kundu
Managing Director



  • Drinking Facility

    Drinking Facility

  • Transport Facility

    Transport Facility

  • Independence Day

    Independence Day

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  • karate Classes

    karate Classes

  • Library Room

    Library Room

  • Hostel Facility

    Hostel Facility

  • Class Room Facility

    Class Room Facility



  • Student Outing

    Student Outing

  • student Hangout

    student Hangout

  • Class Room Facility

    Class Room Facility