Principals Desk

H. Laxmi

Dear All,
I am indeed happy to interact with all dear parents. Let me wish you all the best in all your endeavors. Human beings are considered to be the best boon of nature among others due to wondrous power of thinking and the ability to exhibit the emotion in a very obvious way.

With the course of time the rising expectation of the students are changing. Watchful scheduling and quality relationship between school and home can make a child understands his or her potentiality in the broad sphere of life. Recent research asserts the fact that our active involvement in our child’s schooling is the most significant thing that we can do for them.

As education is a continuous process from womb is tomb, every minute and every second we are learning to amplify our horizon. I pray that let success be yours earnest effort and let the sun in the name of Dooars International Public School be ever shining.

Best Regards.

H. Laxmi

Principal, Dooars International Public School